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December 23rd Technical Analysis: Bitcoin falls, Solana and Dogecoin rise

The total cryptocurrency trading volume over the last 24 hours was $90.38 billion, surging 7.66%. While DeFi ($16.09 billion) accounted for 17.80% of the volume, stablecoins ($70.50 billion) made up 78.01% of the volume.

The global crypto market capitalisation fell 0.01% over the last 24 hours to $2.28 trillion, while the trading volume surged 7.66% to $90.38 billion.

While DeFi ($16.09 billion) accounted for 17.80% of the trading volume, stablecoins ($70.50 billion) made up 78.01% of the volume. Market dominance of bitcoin rose 0.47% to 40.23%.

As for major cryptocurrencies globally, Bitcoin dipped marginally by 0.28% to trade at Rs 38,33,811 while Ethereum (Rs 3,15,113) decreased 0.9%. Cardano (Rs 105.47) rose 3.98%. Avalanche (Rs 9,661.12) fell 2.4%, Polkadot (Rs 2,240.48) rose 12.87%, and Litecoin (Rs 12,387.01) rose 1.79% over the last 24 hours. Tether rose 0.64% to trade at Rs 79.01.

Memecoin SHIB decreased 1.55 percent while DOGE declined 1.33% to trade at Rs 13.74. Bitcoin is currently trading at Rs 38,33,811 while LUNA fell around 5.02% to trade at Rs 6,8.75.

Former United States President Donald Trump renewed his criticism of cryptocurrency in an interview on Fox Business this week, calling it a “very dangerous thing”. However, his wife and former first lady Melania Trump recently launched her first NFT, titled “Melania’s vision” which was made available on Solana.

China’s official state-run press agency Xinhua announced its plans to issue a series of NFTs for free on Christmas Eve. According to the official announcement, Xinhua’s NFT drop will comprise 11 different collections of photojournalism, numbered to 10,000 copies each, and one “special edition” collection, each recording “many precious historical moments of 2021.”

India’s much-talked-about Cryptocurrency Bill, which proposes stringent regulations be imposed in the crypto sector, is not expected to be presented before the Parliament during the 2021 winter session after all, according to various reports

As of 8:20 am, these were the prices of various cryptocurrencies in the Indian market (Data from WazirX)




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